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Regarding the warranty of our products

Customers who:

◼︎Crowdfunding by overseas organizers and customers who purchased at stores outside Japan (including imported parallel products)

◼︎Customers who purchased from Amazon (We do not sell any products directly to Amazon.)

The place of purchase is the point of contact for the warranty. For replacement, repair, and other product support, please contact the store where you purchased the product (sponsor) directly.

Customers who purchased from authorized retailers in Japan

The warranty will be applied according to the warranty details of each store. Each store will be the point of contact for support, so please contact each store for inquiries regarding warranty and repairs.

Our online storeCustomers who purchased at

For warranty information, please use our contact form.

Please let us know your order date and order number when contacting us.

From the viewpoint of information sharing and recording, we cannot accept inquiries by telephone. Thank you for your understanding.


【Warranty period】

The product warranty applies in the event of manufacturing defects or unforeseen failures.

Brand new (including outlet products that are brand new and have scratches on the box)

from the time of purchase1 year(cableoraccessoriesteeth90 days) product warranty, if a failure occurs despite handling according to the instruction manual, we will repair or replace it free of charge (please pay only the shipping fee for the outward trip).

Products that have passed one year (90 days for cables and accessories) after purchase will be repaired for a fee.

Special models and quantities available for exchangeIf the same product cannot be prepared due to reasons such as limited models, we will exchange it for a product with the same conditions specified by our company.

Factory refurbished product (refurbished product)

Product warranty period starts from the date of purchase3 monthsbecomes.


[Not covered by warranty]

The following items are not covered by our warranty.


・Damage to the product due to dropping or impact

・Failure or damage caused by improper handling by the customer after delivery

・Failure or damage caused by handling contrary to the precautions described in the instruction manual

・When the cause of failure or damage is caused by a device other than this product.

・In case of special adjustment method, repair or modification.

・Failure or damage due to fire, natural disasters such as earthquakes, floods, insect damage or salt damage

・Parts replacement due to aging deterioration, discoloration / fading of the main unit

・If there is no description of the manufacturing date or customer name on the warranty card, or if there is a trace that the wording has been tampered with.

・If there is no receipt, warranty, purchase record, etc. from the store at the time of purchase, or if you cannot present it

・If you are unable to send the defective product to us, or if the customer has lost or destroyed the product.

・When our products are used and purchased from a store other than our direct shop

・Products that are not parallel imports or domestic regular imports purchased through crowdfunding or overseas online shops

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