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Philosophy of Ambient Acoustics

Ambient Acoustics, based in Kyiv, Ukraine, is an audio equipment manufacturer that manufactures custom IEMs for artists not only in Ukraine but throughout Europe.

The company is still unfamiliar in Japan, but what is their background and philosophy?


Ambient Acoustics was founded in early 2004. Founder Iuliia Kochevykh and her team have a wealth of hands-on experience and knowledge in the fields of audiology and ear mold manufacturing.

Ambient Acoustics, as the name "Ambient Acoustics" suggests, focuses on all aspects of the world of sound. From that thought, the slogan "Hear your individuality." was born. Yuliya emphasizes that each person perceives sound differently. With this in mind, the company understands the anatomy and structure of the ear to help individual users achieve the best possible acoustic experience.

Ambient Acoustics' philosophy is to provide quality products that are individually tuned for maximum comfort and musical enjoyment. Especially in the field of custom earphones, Yuliya has developed a unique sound signature. The company's first models featured four balanced armature drivers, groundbreaking at the time.

In 2013, the company was the first to introduce phase impedance correction of non-linear electrical characteristics in balanced armature drivers. This revolutionary technology compensates for the effects of sound sources on the amplitude and frequency characteristics of earphones, making it possible to accurately reproduce the sound intended by the manufacturer. Currently, the adoption of such technology is widespread in various manufacturers.

Ambient Acoustic focuses not only on outstanding sound quality, but also on design and manufacturing processes. Since 2017, their manufacturing process has transitioned to modern digital technology, including 3D modeling, 3D printing and multi-axis milling machines for efficient and precise manufacturing. This is a dramatic improvement over traditional manufacturing processes and establishes clear quality standards for all earbuds.

Since 2018, attempts have been made to go beyond traditional multi-driver earphone designs by adopting a passive crossover design. Their concept, MAD (Main Audio Destination), aims to shape the frequency response of earphones through acoustic techniques and correction of driver characteristics. This concept is realized by utilizing unique resonators and structural bandpass acoustic filters.

The MAD concept enables coherent sound with 24 driver models. This is the world's first earphone with 24 drivers without using an electric crossover. Today, the MAD24 is the pinnacle of implementation of the MAD concept and the pride of Ambient Acoustic.

Ambient Acoustic is constantly working on technology development and product improvement, aiming to meet the needs of our customers. A true love of music and innovative technology is the foundation of their work.


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